Technology Is It Worth It?

This is an article on  a district that has spent million on technology integration. The problem is that there were no real gains seen in student learning. What the author alludes to is that technology means nothing if there is no change in mentality. The straight rows are an artifact of the 20th century yet we still insist on them. There must be support for teachers to rethink what technology integration means at the core. It is not just technology but the very foundation of how learning happens in a given classroom. The classroom structure itself is just as important as the technology itself. Very interesting reading because it does not only focus on what technology you use, but how you, as a teacher, run your classroom.


2 thoughts on “Technology Is It Worth It?

  1. Hi,
    The blog post you link to is actually a review of a derived shorter version published by Bendbulletin of by Matt Richtel.
    In the original NYT article, Matt Richtel does not question the lack of support for teachers in using technology. In fact, the picture illustrating it shows children using an interactive whiteboard to collaborate in a task. The picture with the “straight rows” appears in the Bendbulletin version, and actually show students taking an exam.
    Matt Richtel’s argument is against the use of technology in school in se, not about teachers’ preparation.

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