Education Blogs

Blogging, what is it all about and why do teachers think it is a good idea to use them? Well, there are a couple of very good reasons to use them. The first one is that your students are using them so they are familiar and comfortable with the idea and the technology associated with blog use. The second reason, and this is a good one, it will allow you as a teacher to better serve your students, while making your life easier. Blogs can be used to post assignment, to post upcoming information, for students to provide feedback on the class and the content, and what is even better most blogs have a mobile platform, meaning they can access everything through a smart phone. I know what you are asking yourself, how do I even start blogging? Well, there are lots of platforms but the best thing to do is to look a the link below and see some good examples of the sorts of things other teacher are using blogging  for.



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