Free Courses

One of the hallmarks of the internet age is that information is readily available. At any moment if I want to learn something, or know how to do something I can just look it up.  In the last ten years several universities, both public and private, have made courses they offer on campus readily available on the internet. There are  wealth of options out there to learn almost anything. The course in the link below are the 9 best open courses resources on the web.

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Basic Productivity Tools for Teachers

If you are looking for a basic run down of some great tools to use for organization in your classroom the link below is a really good one. My suggestion is to read through the article pick one you like and use it for the rest of the year. I would recommend using the Google Docs since I already use this particular technology and can testify that it is fantastic. If you put out a lot of documents to your students then another fantastic tool is Dropbox.

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iOS5 Can Read

If you have a student or a child of your own that has a learning disability that may cause difficulty in reading, this is a really great feature with the new iOS5. It will make the iphone, iPad, or the iTouch read any text you can put on the screen. So for example if you are working on Homer in English class, you can download the book for free through a Kindle or a iBooks account and then have it read out loud through the device.  Check it out and let me know how it works.

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Free Documentaries

There are a lot of great video sites on the web but they are not always the best content or your really need to sift through in order to find something that will benefit you in your classroom. This site is great because there are many popular documentaries you can use in order to get your students interested in the content you are teaching. So, check it out. Remember that you can cut out a section of a documentary if you do not want to show the whole thing out.

Documentary Tube

You have heard of You Tube, and you have heard of Teacher Tube. Now there is Documentary Tube. This is a great site for all of the content areas. What is nice about it is using snagit or some of the other tools available you do not even have to show the entire documentary just small clips of it.  The site is easy to navigate and there are several different areas of interest.

Need World Class Lectures?

This site is called academic earth. What is so cool about it is that you can look up lectures by university professors on almost any subject. Everything from globalization to the laws of thermodynamics. The way you can use these for your classes is to assign a video to be watched and then use your class time to discuss or practice the lecturer’s topic.

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